If you need emergency HELP NOW dial 911. If you need INFORMATION call The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center at 866-242-4111.



Be A Better Parent
This information will help guide you in using your greatest strengths–your love for your children, your concern for their well-being and skills you already have–to help keep your children away from drugs and other kinds of problem behaviors. If you learn just one new way to communicate with your child it may be the most important thing you do today.
Creating a Drug-Free Workplace
Alcohol and other drug abuse affect the profitability of a company – and impacts absenteeism, tardiness, and productivity rates; workman’s compensation claims; and the overall climate of the workplace. Our program, designed to build on the strengths of your organization, can create a healthier organization and contribute to bottom-line success.
Iowa Media Literacy
Media Literacy is not one skill but many. At its core, however, it is a set of critical thinking skills that help people, especially children, to understand how media works, and how to manage media experiences to get the maximum benefits while minimizing potential risks.
Power of Grandparents
As a grandparent you have a unique, and very important, relationship with your children and grandchildren. Studies have shown that you are in a position to make significant contributions to the health and well-bing of your family. Even in face of changing technologies and new challenges, you hold the key to important information your grandchildren need to know. We are honored to be able to share some of these keys with you.
Speak Out 4 Kids
This is a forum for students, youth organizations, and community groups to share insights and important information. Speak Out 4 Kids is a partnership with sponsored youth groups, where children drive the content and direction of the message. Stay tuned to learn more about your community – from a child’s point-of-view.
Take 5 Minutes Take 5 Minutes
A five-minute conversation now can make a huge difference toward keeping your kids away from drugs. So, Take Five and start talking with your kids today.
Face It Together
For over 14 years we have been dedicated to Iowa’s Grassroots Blueprint for Action – a statewide effort to provide the healthiest communities and future for the children and families of Iowa. We work with parents, youth and schools, the media, employers, law enforcement, health care, and the faith-based community – all believing that if we Face It Together we can get the job done. We rely on volunteers, and the donations people invest in our efforts keep our organization working. Thank you in advance for your support.