If you need emergency HELP NOW dial 911. If you need INFORMATION call The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center at 866-242-4111.

What Should I say – Preschool
At this age, children are eager to know and memorize rules. But while they’re old enough to understand simple concepts, they’re not ready to take in complex facts about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

-Present information in simple terms- “Smoking is bad for you.”
-Encourage healthy habit
-Explain that even medicine can be harmful if it’s not taken the way it’s supposed to be. Illustrate this by reading warning labels. And if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medications in the presence of a grandchild, only take the amount directed or prescribed.
-Admonish grandchildren never to put anything into their mouth if they don’t know what it is. Kids this age can’t tell the difference between candy and medicine.
-Teach them never to take medicine, candy or other things they might put in their mouths from anyone but their parents or someone to whom the parent had given permission- like a grandparent, teach or doctor.
-Keep medicines, vitamins and other similar products out of reach.