If you need emergency HELP NOW dial 911. If you need INFORMATION call The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center at 866-242-4111.

What Should I Say?
For grandparents who don’t know what to say or aren’t sure where to start, the ability to listen intently to children as the talk about drugs is a great strategy to employ. Start by asking open-ended questions about the issue of drugs, and listen.

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All Ages

If you don’t know how to start the conversation, try asking questions:
-“What have you heard about kids in your school using drugs?”
-“What have you heard about drugs?”
-“Why do you think kids get involved in drugs?”
-“What’s it like being a teenager today?”
-“What are the issues you face?”

Or, let them know that this is a difficult topic for you, by saying:
-“I don’t really know how to talk about this, but I’d like to know about…”

Reinforce how much you care about your grandchildren by clearly expressing your expectations and how disappointed you’d be if they made unhealthy choices. You can begin this conversation in a number of ways:
-“You know how much I love you and care about you. I would never want you to do anything – like drinking, taking drugs or smoking – that would be harmful.”
-“I know that you can make great decisions, even when they are difficult – like saying ‘no’ to a friend who’s asked you to do something dangerous or illegal.”
-“I’d be very disappointed if you made a decision that could be harmful to your health to your health and body like drinking or smoking.”