If you need emergency HELP NOW dial 911. If you need INFORMATION call The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center at 866-242-4111.


Our Major Supporters

Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy
The Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) founded the Partnership in 1992 and remains a strong supporter of The Partnership @ DrugFreeIowa.org. The mission of ODCP is to serve as a leader and a catalyst for improving the health and safety of all Iowans by promoting strategic approaches and collaboration to reduce drug use and related crime. For more information, please visit www.iowa.gov/odcp.
The Wellmark Foundation
For over 20 years, The Wellmark Foundation has worked to provide financial and technical assistance resources to communities and nonprofits throughout Iowa and South Dakota working to advance health status improvement. The Wellmark Foundation is proud that the Partnership @ DrugFreeIowa.org has been a recent grantee advancing important work in the area of media literacy.

Media literacy is the next frontier of education. Schools already do an excellent job teaching traditional literacy and math skills, but children are now growing up in a screen-based media world rather than the print-based media world of earlier generations. Although this change brings great potential, it also brings several risks. Children therefore need help to learn the critical thinking skills needed to understand the media and their effects. We share the Partnership’s belief that media literacy is part of the answer to a complicated problem, and that Iowa is poised to become a national leader in media literacy education due to the Partnership’s groundwork.

National Guard
The National Guard Counterdrug Program, with members in most major communities, provides highly skilled personnel, specialized equipment, and facilities to support law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations in response to the changing drug threat.
Iowa Newspaper Association
The INA, its advertising sales service and its foundation have the tools to help newspapers turn challenges into opportunities.We are an association of more than 300 daily and weekly newspapers, working together to provide the citizens of Iowa with information and leadership for today and far into the 21st century. Member boards of directors govern the three INA companies; board policies result from committee recommendationsIn addition to newspapers, our association is also enhanced by affiliate, associate and academic members whose businesses, backgrounds or educational programs link them to Iowa’s newspaper industry.
Iowa Broadcasters Association
Since 1951 the Iowa Broadcasters Association has served Iowa radio and television stations as an educational organization. With over 200 members, it is recognized as one of the top broadcast associations in the country. Legislatively it is also one of the most proactive!
IBA members include owners and managers of Iowa’s commercial and educational radio and television stations educational stations; and Associate Members, businesses and organizations who provide products and services to the broadcast community.

The IBA provides a forum for the open exchange of ideas and information. It encourages involvement and participation among its members, offering a wide range of services and providing extensive legislative and legal representation. Our vision is a membership that is prepared and empowered to succeed in a rapidly changing industry!

Anderson Erickson
For over 80 years, AE Dairy has been known as the family dairy committed to offering customers delicious and nutritious products including milk, yogurt and cottage cheese. AE is proud to support the communities it serves by promoting drug-free initiatives that build and strengthen healthy Iowans.
EFCO Corp.
EFCO Corp., a world leader in the manufacture of formwork for the concrete construction industry, has helped build the structures that make living better and more comfortable. Bridges, schools, hospitals, and water treatment facilities just to name a few have helped to grow communities, cities, and nations all over the world. EFCO embraces the promotion of drug-free initiatives with this same enthusiasm in hopes of building stronger minds and spirits of Iowa’s citizens.
The Principal Financial Group
The Principal Financial Group® (The Principal®) is a leading global financial company offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services.Our range of products and services includes retirement solutions, insurance, wellness programs, and investment and banking products through our diverse family of financial services companies and national network of financial professionals.
Atlas Media Group
Atlas Media Group and sister companies have provided professional media services for a wide spectrum of clients, organizations and niche markets across the nation. Atlas Media Group is a vertically integrated media company enabling us to provide the following services: Website Development, Video Production, Instructional Media, Ecommerce, Logo/Identity Creation, Kioks, Photography, Print Media, Marketing, Social Networking, SEO, Special Events and Mobile Apps.
The way we see it, we don’t just crunch numbers and manage investments. We make things. 14.2 million customers(1) count on us to help them make the things that matter. Things like peace of mind, steady incomes and fulfilling retirements. We’ve always stood behind a simple idea: we do what we say we’re going to do. We’ve done so for over 100 years, and we’ll keep delivering on our promises – so we can keep making the things that make Tomorrow better…

Transamerica’s origins date back to 1904, when the founder of Transamerica Corporation, A.P. Giannini, formed the Bank of Italy (later to be known as Bank of America). Even then, the spirit of Tomorrow Making was evident as Giannini played a vital role in the restoration of San Francisco after the great earthquake and subsequent fire in 1906. While we have grown to become one of the world’s most respected financial institutions, it is still our desire to Transform Tomorrow, and create a better financial future for each and every one of our clients, that drives all that we do.