If you need emergency HELP NOW dial 911. If you need INFORMATION call The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center at 866-242-4111.

Board of Directors


Al Jennings
Andrew Allen
Bob Wells
Bruce Upchurch
Cathy Howell
Charles Larson, Sr.
Chuck Connors
Curt Bennethum
Dale Woolery
Doug Uhlenhopp
Dr. Douglas Gentile
Dr. Richard Newkirk
Dr. Tom Jessen
Flora Schmidt
Fred Muench
George Belitsos
Jim Aipperspach
Jim Coloff
Jim Erickson
Jim Smith
Kathy Stone
Kerri Lewers
Kim Wadding
Lee Leighter
Mike Ralston
Paul Goodwin
Peter Komendowski
Ralph Brown
Sen. Charles Grassley
Steve Van Oort
Steven Lukan
Susie Sher
Ted Stephens
Tom Hamilton
Tommy Thompson


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